Wednesday, 24 September 2014

On dental surgery...

So for the last 17 years of my life I have been having frequent dislocations of my jaw to the point that I don't even count any more.  Well today I finally saw the maxillofacial surgeon at the Bristol Dental Hospital.  I arrived at about 15mins early and then the clinician was running nearly an hour late.  This is not unusual in a busy clinic, I should really have taken something to do while I waited, something to think about next time.

The surgeon I saw was a very nice chap and asked how long I'd been having the jaw dislocations, how often and can I get them back in myself.  For me luckily I can get it back in myself whereas some of his other patients are frequent A&E visitors, I avoid the hospital as much as possible.

I'd had an X-ray the last time I attended the dental hospital so he'd taken a look at that and said that my jaw joint was an abnormal shape.  He wanted me to go for a CT before a decision could be made about which surgery I was going to have.  It was nice to know at he'd had another patient with EDS who had surgery with him and came through ot well.   I mentioned to him when he'd asked if I'd had any other surgery about my top surgery and it turns out he'd worked at Charing Cross in the past and knew of the GIC team there, I swear most of my specialists have done a stint at Cahring Cross.

All in all it was a short but productive appointment.  I should receive a letter in the post about the next appointment and one for the CT scan too.  They are hoping to do the surgery once I've recovered from the lower surgery.  As it has already waited 17 years I'm sure a little while longer isn't going to do too much damage.