Saturday, 19 November 2011


Where we live all the flats except for the two ground floor flats have a garage. We have parking spaces assigned to us because we don't have a garage. The spaces are numbered yet people keep stealing our space, normally one of the other flats or people visiting them. We have ONE car, if they want to have more than one car they can sodding well go find somewhere else to park it, or y'know actually use the garage to park the car in instead of as an extra junk room!

I need to contact the council to get our space changed to a disabled space because our neighbour has a big white van and that leaves us very little space to park our car and still have room to get my wheelchair round to the passenger door.

This evening when we got back to find someone parking in our space yet again it really annoyed me. We had to park next to them which blocked in 3 of our other neighbours cars and I couldn't get the wheelchair up to the passenger door as there was barely enough room for me to squeeze through let alone a wheelchair!

This probably seems rather minor but it really pisses me off because we have the one car and the one space and people who have more than one car keep using it because them or their visitors can't possibly walk just around the corner! It's just damn well inconsiderate.

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